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Welcome to Jonathan Ryan Design

Established 2000

Carpenter's Tools

My Mission

Woodworking has been in my blood since meeting a fellow Air Force member in 1970.

He  introduced me to the idea that one could actually MAKE a piece of furniture or art.   I somehow never thought that I could do that.

After leaving the service and doing a brief stint as a counselor, I began my “apprenticeship” as a woodworker in 1973.

Since then I have done custom woodworking for interior designers, architects and private clients while never losing the love of creating some beautiful and useful objects that pleased my clients.  Those years, mainly in Tucson were filled with marriage, two sons and a rather bumpy career doing cabinets, doors and furniture.   Eventually I found that I loved carving wood and creating finishes that my clientele wanted.  

The marriage ended amicably, the boys grew into men and on New Years eve 2000 I met Beth.  A gift from heaven! We have been married since 2001.

We moved to Cottonwood in 2012 and I was fortunate enough to continue making custom cabinets and furniture.  Now the flow of life has taken me to the point of creating projects that have been in my head and on numerous sketch pads for the the duration of my woodworking career.

Let the creative juices flow!


Cottonwood, Arizona

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